Tuesday, December 13, 2011

God locks the door...

 I just read the piece by that name earlier today at Conversion Diary blog...

After we said goodbye, as I watched them walk away I glanced over at the Adoration chapel. “Could it be…?!” I thought. “No way.”

Could it be that the door was locked because I was meant to talk to those sisters? Were we meant to meet that day and God arranged for the door to be locked to stall me, because they hadn’t arrived yet? I laughed at the silliness of the thought and started for my car again. But then I stopped, turned around, and decided to give it one more try. “If that door is unlocked now…I am going to freak out,” I thought.

Back in front of the door, I crossed myself with holy water again, took a deep breath, and pushed down on the handle. There was no resistance. I pressed it all the way down in one fluid motion, and the door to the Adoration chapel swung open.

I would encourage you to follow the link and read the entire piece. Needless to say, it is what I needed to hear...when I needed to hear it! Too many times, I have given in to the despair. Who knows what opportunities I have missed in doing so...because unlike the author, I don't believe in coincidence.

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