Saturday, May 11, 2013


Peter Drucker, the late leadership guru, said that the four hardest jobs in America (and not necessarily in order, he added) are:
  • The President of the United States
  • A university president
  • A CEO of a hospital and
  • A pastor
Is that true? 
Pastors love God and love people. 
They get to pray for people, lead people to a faith in Jesus Christ, and teach the Word about God.
That’s the dream job! 
You can read the Bible all day, pray, play a little golf, and preach.
 I want to do that!
Here is the secret. Being a pastor is hard work. It’s not for wimps. 
This is the reality—the job of a pastor can be 24/7 and carry unique challenges.

This is excerpted from an article called "The Secret Pain of Pastors" should be a MUST READ for every member of every congregation...

I'm not going to list the problems Pastors face (read the article for that) but I will list what the author says WE, the congregation, should do for the Pastor...

Pray for the Pastor
Protect the Pastor
Encourage the Pastor

Are you doing this? The Pastor will do it for you (and not just because he/she is getting paid to do it), so why aren't you doing it for him/her? They are human after all, just like us...

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