Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Garden....

My son took this picture of our vegetable garden over the weekend and it clearly shows we've been blessed  with an abundance of rain! It could be considered an inconvenience but I see it as a joyful excuse to walk barefoot in the mud!

To me, gardening is one of the most profound ways we have to worship . After all, His first act after completing creation was to set Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Each time a plant bursts through the soil, I experience the Resurrection first hand. The harvest provides a true reminder of God's grace and bounty.

If I am troubled, there is no better place to sort things out than on my knees in the garden. While I dig, weed or harvest I can also meditate and pray. Spending so much time in a position of supplication, it is easy to see God there in plants and in the soil. I can think of no better therapy.

Here in the garden, it is easy to anticipate God's promise for the the seeds are planted, grow to maturity and give forth their fruit it is easy to believe that one day, all creation will be restored to what God intended it would be all along.

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