Thursday, January 16, 2014


Why is it so hard for others to let us get beyond our past? When we stumble and fall or learn and grow we make progress. We mature, we evolve. We are constantly becoming our better selves.

In our lives, there will always be those, who refuse to let go of what we may have been. Who continue to see us as young and immature or refuse to recognize that we have outgrown our mistakes. In their minds it must be brought up, time and again.
Most particularly to those who may not know the story. 

But to what purpose?

As a warning so that we will not fall back to our former selves? As an example for those younger ones who might be kept from making the same mistakes? Or just to remind us that they remember who we were. The last sentence may sound harsh, and it is. Especially when these reminders come from one that was grown and mature before ever we first met them. We do not have information about their young selves. We don't know what type of child they were. They need never worry about anyone bringing up their past mistakes. They are safely tucked away.

We must always be careful of bringing up what we perceive as weaknesses in others. While we might feel we are performing a "service", in reality all we are doing is showing the world who we are, deep down.

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