Tuesday, February 11, 2014


When our children we young, hubby and I encouraged thought and exploration and debate and wonder...we often told our children that "being different was good"! God gave each of us a brain, He never intended that they all be exactly the same. No one should be pigeonholed just because we have the means...

Being the type of parents who like to walk (no, make that dance) outside the box...we HATE standardized tests. We do understand that our educators feel they need a way to measure children, we just feel this is the wrong way. Where is the creativity? Where is the joy?

Looks like Mike Walsh agrees:
Alright, imagine a terrifying world where 4 and 5 year old children are allowed to play, explore, and dream. Imagine a dystopia where young kids roll in the grass and get mud on their pants. Imagine what would happen if small children weren’t constantly being measured or analyzed. Imagine an utter and complete absence of overarching ”academic standards” for kids that are barely older than toddlers. Imagine the torment of a country that does not provide government facilities to which its citizens can send their tots for curriculum-based instruction. Imagine a netherworld where innocent little kids aren’t tested, or scored, or compared to the “performance” of other kids all over the globe. Imagine — just imagine — a purgatory where your 4 year old develops on his own time, and isn’t hurried along so that he might meet broad “milestones” and “performance standards.”

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