Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Holy Week

Given that I have posted very little recently (except the 40 days of crosses), I want to thank those of you who are still stopping by the check out the blog. For those who do not know me, the last few weeks have been filled with doctors, hospitals, rehab clinic's as well as anguish and fear. 

My husband is on the mend now and if all holds "as is" will be coming home tomorrow. We are so grateful for friends, family, medical staff and most importantly the love of God. He has sustained us throughout this difficult period and blessed us with glimpses of His face throughout. We truly serve and Awesome God!

With hubby's homecoming, I hope that life will get back on track and that will begin with our Wednesday night Bible Study tomorrow! Followed by Maundy Thursday, the Good Friday activities (most particularly the Tennebrae service Friday night) along with Easter Sunday morning seem like a lovely place to start.

God Bless you all!

(Please note the dove nesting on the right shoulder of the crucified Christ...sculpted in wood by Jeane Deuber, Artist in Residence at the Sister's of Loretto Convent, Nerinex, KY)

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