Thursday, July 12, 2012


“The Church will become small, and will to a great extent have to start over again. But after a time of testing, an internalized and simplified Church will radiate great power and influence; for the population of an entirely planned and controlled world are going to be inexpressibly lonely . . . and they will then discover the little community of believers as something quite new. As a hope that is there for them, as the answer they have secretly always been asking for.”
God and the World Pope Benedict XVI

He says more on the subject, but this started me thinking...if this is the future of the Catholic Church, what is the future of other denomintations? Although we may approach it from different places, we are all the Church of Jesus Christ...will we survive? Sure, the churches are considered out-of-step by the mainstream. And we are all-too-human, flawed, messy, clumsy, and yes, unpopular. But we struggle on in the Name of One who is all-Just and all-Merciful. He will guide...

Are there enough true and faithful hearts to face the coming crisis?

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