Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Passive Christianity an oxymoron!

U.S. Christians are a lazy, passive, well-intentioned bunch.  I am not talking about the 11% who are engaged in some form of regular hands-on ministry.  I am speaking of the 89% who define “active” faith as attending church when convenient, showing up at an occasional potluck supper, buying the doo-dad-du jour from the youth group, or who toss a few bucks in the offering plate so that somebody else can do ministry for them.  This is the group for whom faith is about “feelings” more than behaviors.  69% of active church-goers have never been on a mission trip or even a one day mission project — yet most are very proud of the mission work of their congregation.  Living the faith by a few degrees of separation.  I know, whenever I bring this up, people tell me I am being unrealistic to think that people’s actions will reflect their core values and beliefs.  Actually, I DO think our actions belie our true beliefs and values — this is the problem.

Read the rest and decide which mold you fit.

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