Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Whether it's a new job, a new phone, new clothes or anything else, we all know what it's like to finally get something we want and then to feel as if we don't deserve it. Perhaps the new gift makes us question if we should have something when others don't. Or why we were given something considered a luxury when others do without basics. 

A few months ago, a dear friend gifted me with clothes that she was no longer able to wear. When she called, she asked me to come over and see if there was anything I wanted...I was floored when I arrived and saw not only the number of pieces but the quality and the obvious care she had taken with them. She ushered me into her bedroom and told me to take all the time I needed to try them on and then to make my selections. I felt like a princess! Although I did not keep everything, I walked out with the makings of a completely new wardrobe!

While I was relishing the feel of all the items as I tried them on, I did question whether I deserved such extravagance. It was obvious that being able to make a gift of a new wardrobe was bringing my friend joy. Think of how hurtful it would have been for me to question her or even worse to refuse her.

If we allow this feeling of unworthiness to linger, we are diminishing those who have made the gift possible. Rather than consider what we have done to deserve the gift, we should turn our thoughts to gratitude. After all, it's not really our place to question the gifts others want us to have...we ought to trust and understand that the gift is ours because we are meant to have it. Otherwise it would not be available to us. Accepting the gift with gratitude and then using it to the best of our ability is showing humility.

Needless to say I wrote my friend a note to try to express my joy and gratefulness...and in the course of doing so made a pledge to do the same for another if ever the chance arose.

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