Saturday, June 29, 2013


Food for thought:

In his book Sacrilege, Hugh Halter admonishes us to no longer use the word "discipleship". He says we should change it to "apprenticeship".

"Apprenticeship is not about morality, church attendance or sticking up for God. It's not about getting hired or fired by Donald Trump either. And as good as these things can actually be if done for the right reasons, it won't matter if you have a "quiet time" or are committed to a small group. It isn't important what denomination you're connected to or what translation of the Bible you like. It's not about giving money, being nice, avoiding alcohol, not cussing, or how long your daily prayer list might be. It's not about your end-times theology, whether or not you believe in a second baptism, or whether your pastor preaches exegetically or topically.

Biblical apprenticeship is about is about three things:
1. becoming just like Jesus
2. doing what Jesus did, and
3. doing the above with the types of people Jesus liked spending time with."

...Although none of these are easy, they are definite milestones. If you were able to say "I do that" to each of these, do you think you'd be worthy of the title "Christian"?

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