Friday, January 23, 2015

Racism and bulling is alive and well...

 I saw this on Yahoo News this morning...I really cannot fathom how parents feel like they are doing a good job of raising their children while perpetuating a cycle of racism and bullying...don't they understand that the "sins of the father" are taught? I will warn you...there is some ugly language so if you choose to read or listen, be prepared!

Knowing your child is being bullied is heartbreaking for any parent, but when Brad Knudsen, a father of five, saw firsthand the nasty videos that a pair of twins sent his youngest daughter, he felt helpless. Until he decided to make a video of his own.
In a nearly six-minute YouTube video (below) posted Monday evening, a clearly upset Knudsen, who is white, explains that two kids sent his 14-year-old daughter Dee Dee, who is African-American, Snapchat videos using terms like the n-word and calling her a slut. In the video, the Minnesota dad shows the Snapchat and plays a voicemail he got from the twins’ father, which also uses offensive language. The video has since been viewed nearly 300,000 times.

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