Saturday, May 23, 2009

Packaged Programs

I recently read about a new Youth Ministry program that's stated goal is to "help teenagers attain a point in their spiritual development where they begin to become spiritual multipliers." Guess I'm a little off track according to them. The programs I present have always been for the express purpose of helping the youth develop and mature in their own spirituality. It's all about their growing as individuals in their walk with Christ.

According to this program, the students prove that they are "spiritually mature" by going out and telling all their friends about Jesus...and then bringing them to our Youth group. So whoever brings in the most is the winner and the best Christian? If you don't bring in anyone you're a failure and a loser? So faith is reduced to a competition?

I'm sorry, our group is about relationships and love with no strings attached...not about numbers! We come together to "Be" in the presence of God. They are allowed and even encouraged to question, doubt, grow, fall back, test and fit themselves with their faith...all the while being affirmed on the journey. It is a life long road and if, at some point, we get to see them live it out then we've all blessed.

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