Tuesday, November 22, 2011

For the cooks...

Thanksgiving is centered around family and the meal! The youth of our church hold an annual fund raiser selling Thanksgiving Desserts (to take a little of the burden off the cooks) and tonight, We Bake!

The kitchen at church will be filled with the smells associated with the season...pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla...all those fragrances that seem to wrap their warm arms around us. We will end the evening lifting up a prayer for all the cooks who put their hearts into the meal because they are serving the people they love. Thanks be to God for all of them! And thanks be to God for food to eat, a room to eat in and loved ones to share it with.

My daughter has served in the Navy for 9+ years now. During her first Thanksgiving she was stationed far away from us (although still in the US) and a local family invited her over to share their meal. She called me afterwards to tell how their traditions were similar and how much she enjoyed her time with them. I don't know their names but thank you whoever you are, she still remembers after all these years.

If there is someone in your community destined to eat alone, open your doors and your hearts and set one more place at the table. Believe me, you will be the ones who feel blessed!

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