Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bible and Science

We are surrounded by people who are constantly trying to reconcile the Bible and science. You will hear (or may ask) questions especially about the beginning of the world, the great flood, the plagues in Egypt and on and on. Where does the Bible tell us about dinosaurs? To the best of my knowledge, the word dinosaur isn't in there (unless they are the behemoths listed in the OT).  Did they exist? Obviously so, their bones are everywhere but on what day were they created? Were they created at a later time? Why did God allow them to die out? My question to you is...what does it matter?

The writers of the Old Testament weren't really concerned about the "how" of creation. Their concern was mainly with the "who" and "why"..."who" set everything in motion and "why" do we exist? These were (and are) the important questions. The technical explanations didn't matter to them nearly as much as describing the relationship between the Creator and the created.

Scientists will never know the answers to all of life's questions and what they believe to be true today could very well change next week. Their study is like a puzzle without all the pieces; the picture is constantly changing.  I am often fascinated by what science has to offer and what they can tell us about this wonderful creation we live I can learn, understand and grow in the knowledge of the natural world because I am sure that the Truth learned from studying God's word is just that, Truth. It may not spell out the answers to a biology quiz but it gives me all I need to know to be in relationship with you and my Creator.

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