Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's called being a Mom...

Read a wonderful article that all mothers should read. We tend to forget that we're not perfect, we're Mom's...and we are just the mother our children need.

I can say this because my children are grown. And even though I know I made plenty of mistakes while raising them, they always knew they were loved, they always knew they were first in our hearts, they STILL know that there is a place in this world where they can come...for love, for comfort, for encouragement, for fun. I can also say this because God has given us the opportunity to raise our grandson...and yes, the world does revolve around him. And while his mom and his uncle think that we've lost our minds because we're not the same parents we were to them, they don't realize that each child is different. His needs are not the same as theirs were...and we have experience we didn't have with them. To realize, that despite what society would tell us, the most important job (if you want to call it that) we have at this moment, is to raise him the best we know how.

Somehow in the mixed up media world we've got these thoughts of moms being perfect. Society doesn't give us a break. I mean read this article in the New York Times about the pressure on moms to look a certain way after they give birth. And then? Then we're to be ultra creative, crafty, humorous, happy, chipper, up before dawn, to sleep after dark, with our sinks shined, and the laundry folded, and tomorrow's breakfast in the crockpot, with tomorrow's dinner - pulled from our once-a-month cooking thawing in the fridge, while we work out for 20 minutes on odd days and 40 minutes on even days, and our hair is always done, we're makeup ready, our fridges are stocked, and the craft closet bursting with ideas for that quick perfect afternoon art project that we'll place on our recycled wood and mod podged adorned hand painted chalkboard.

Read the rest here...You may never have been a mom...but you have been a child.

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