Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Guarding the Tomb...

of the Unknown Soldier. Even during a hurricane.

 The tomb was erected following WWI and honors the memory of unidentified soldiers killed in any war. The 3rd US Infantry Regiment consider it a duty of honor to continuously guarded the tomb and have done so since the beginning.

The picture above was taken today while Hurricane Sandy blew in, it needs to be noted that they don't necessarily walk the guard during extreme weather. They do, however, stay on site in a more protected area.

Bravo to those who refuse to allow even the weather to keep them from their sacred duty. 

It is sad that there are more than a few that feel this is fruitless and a waste of time and money. To me it sends a message from a grateful nation..."To those who have served, and those who still do, we will never leave or forsake you. We will never forget that you have paid the ultimate sacrifice, for us." 

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