Sunday, October 7, 2012

The good old days...

I'm not one of those that feels that everything is better the way we "used" to do it...but then again, it's a shame that some of these will never be learned...

Such as

Reading a Map
If you ever took a road trip as a child, you may have fond memories of sitting in the backseat with a map spread across your knees, tracing the highways, and measuring the distance by the smallest digit of your little finger, which was a perfect match in size for the scale provided on the corner of each page. These days children watch a car-shaped icon navigate a digital road on our GPS system. These fancy gadgets have even put an end to the classic childhood question "Are we there yet?"


For our generation, writing a research paper meant spending a lot of time copying, by hand, the necessary information from heavy, leather bound volumes of an encyclopedia. The information was limited, static, and they required regular (and costly) replacement to stay current. These days kids need only power up the computer to instantly access a wealth of up-to-the-minute information on an endless variety of subjects. It certainly renders us less sympathetic when they complain about having to do 'research' for their school projects. 

And also, 

Playing Outdoors
 The final thing we enjoyed regularly as children that our kids may not is the simple act of playing outside. As the world we live in becomes increasingly tech-crazed, kids are more likely to play a video game, surf the web, or check out what’s on one the hundreds of channels that cable television now has to offer than to step outside. Still, running through the sprinklers, tree climbing, bike riding, and firefly catching — there is no App for that.

Like I said, not all of them are great, but it's a shame to loose some of them. Check the rest of the list  here...

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