Thursday, December 6, 2012


This is the time of year we begin to hear Christians whine and moan about the secularization of Christmas. And while I know it can be frustrating to see a season that is so important to us reduced to Frosty and Santa and tinsel, is it really worth getting all upset about it? 

Will the fact that "we" place signs up saying "Keep Christ in Christmas" turn one unbeliever to Christ? Even though it may sometimes seem that society is depriving this holy day of all it's meaning, what do you think Christ's response would be? Would He want us shouting down those who have added other traditions?

After all, other faiths have holy days that fall within this time frame too. Is the holiday exclusively ours? If we say "Happy Holidays" rather than "Merry Christmas", are we not simply acknowledging that there are others in our world living out their faith?

If someone writes "Merry X-mas!" do you truly think it's wrong? Our Bible was translated from Greek, wasn't it? The Greek letter "Chi" was often used in ancient times as an abbreviation for Christ..."Chi" is written as an  Χχ...X-mas takes on a different meaning when you know that, doesn't it?

Many non-believers feel led to "give" to charity during this time of year. Isn't that the Spirit working within them? And if their generosity makes them feel better during the Christmas Season, might they start carrying it on throughout the year? Couldn't it possibly lead them to seek Christ? 

Isn't modleing Christ-like behavior the best way for us to keep Christ in Christmas? 

If you are disturbed by all the parties, and decorations and all the many gifts you feel you need to purchase, isn't there a better way to assuage this uneasiness? Instead of spending time decorating every square inch of your home, what if you worked at a local soup kitchen? Instead of spending hours at the local mall (with all those secular expressions posted around), what if you volunteered to work with the sick and elderly at a nursing home? Instead of grumbling while you purchase a scarf for your Great Aunt Tessie, why not find a way to practice compassion and purchase gifts for the children of a needy family?

Rather than spending this season fretting about the way society celebrates it, why not spend that time serving more, worshiping more, being with family more? If we let this mountain shrink back down to the mole hill it really is, we may just find our celebration of this most holy time becomes just that...more holy.

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