Thursday, February 7, 2013

A book and it's cover

Let me state first of all, I'm not one to watch "reality" shows...I'd rather do just about anything, even clean house, than to watch someone else's "so called" life.

Having made that statement, I must now confess. I have watched a handful of episodes of "Duck Dynasty". Go ahead, laugh...but I'll tell you a secret, my husband of 35 years has loved duck hunting longer than he's loved me! We used to joke that we planned for both our children to be born in November so he'd be there for the delivery. From the duck blind drawing on the first Saturday of August, until the season ended in January, duck hunting was part of our life. So when it came on one evening while I was fixing dinner I thought, why not?

I did find it funny, and I'll admit, I've known people like them in my life. Not just known but gladly spent time with them. People like that are the salt of the earth!

Not surprisingly, the father in the show is a great lesson in not judging a book by it's cover. He may seem a little slow, but that can be deceiving...check out a few clips of the show on You Tube and THEN read this tell me I'm wrong about the book and cover!

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