Monday, February 11, 2013

The Pope

Although I am not Catholic and am not subject to the Holy See, I still feel the need to pause and ponder the decision by Pope Benedict to step down. After all, even Protestants were once Catholic.

By now you've heard much of what the media has to say and it's hard for me to listen to them. Few to none of them show any knowledge about that which they speak. One need only hear their “laundry list” of things the next Pope should be and do to see their ignorance. Unless I have misunderstood the process, those who choose the next Pope pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit, not the news agencies.

Although Pope John Paul II was one of the most beloved of popes in modern history, his age and illnesses severely limited him during the latter part of his tenure on St. Peter's seat. I have to wonder if this has not had a bearing on Benedict's decision. He is known as a humble man and this move shows true humility. A true desire to serve our Father and the Catholic church as best he can. Truly, how many of us would willingly relinquish the power he wields?

If there is one glaring lesson to be learned by this decision it's this...perhaps Benedict’s retirement is meant to remind this exceedingly busy world — the non-stop, twenty-four-hour-live and very self-important world — that we are none of us indispensable; that there comes a time to step back, throw oneself into the arms of the Lord and trust that all shall be well.

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