Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Due to circumstances that have been described at other times our household is currently comprised of my husband, my grandson (daughter's child) and my grown son...oh, and me! Although I'm outnumbered 3 to 1, I can joyfully say that the men (all 3 of them) in my family lovingly defer to "the mama"!

Because of her circumstances and career at the time, grandson came to live with us when he was (2)...he's now "going on 10. Because of the current economic situation, son figured out that home was the best place to get back to his foundation and choose another path. Daughter & son-in-law (with a new grandson on the way) live about 900 miles away but visit as often as possible. We are an unusual group in terms of a traditional family.We don't necessarily fit the mold, but that's okay. We love to talk, debate, read books (debate books), challenge one another on opinions, try new experiences. But we are also a family who
love each other, support each other and commit ourselves to each other. It's complicated...but to us, family is essential and needs to be celebrated. 

No one deserves to be publically humiliated because their family doesn’t fit into somebody else’s domestic ideal. No child should ever be made to feel like the people who love them, cherish them, and support them are less than a family. If a certain domestic situation doesn’t fit your religious, political, or socio-economic model of what a family ought to look like … fine. Fair enough. The thing is that none of us have the right to denigrate people who love, respect, and care for each other. Loving homes — whatever their make up — make this world a better, safer place. 

Take a few moments today to pray for your family and while you do, think about the Holy Family (made up of a virgin, a celibate, and, well, God Incarnate). Make it a point to remember the dignity of each family you meet. Remember, you are absolutely and unequivocally unqualified to judge another family. Jesus said so. It’s your job to love. Love big. And have the humility to see God’s love reflected in a family that doesn’t look like your own.

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logicalrabbit said...

Wow! First of your blog entries I've had a chance to read and I am already hooked. When did you suddenly get so wise? LOL. Keep up the great work!