Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Wednesday has always been a busy day in our house...something about middle of the week, and all that entails established a long held tradition...Spaghetti Wednesday.! Or as everyone would mention as they walked in the door, "I smell spaghetti, it must be Wednesday".

It's funny how traditions get started. This came about because it could be made quickly and easily...and kept warm if needs be. With Dad preparing it more often than not. But it also means something else...home. Although some might tire of eating the same food on the same day of the week most weeks of the year, there is something comforting about it.

No matter what type of day each of us has had, no matter what problems we carry back to our door, no matter what is happening in our community or the world at large, Spaghetti on Wednesday tells us that all is right with our world. We're safe, we're together, we're a family (no matter who happens to sit down with us).

I'm rather looking forward to getting home this evening!

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