Friday, August 23, 2013

The Bible

Today's young people are the most savvy in technology that have been raised to date. If we want to put a Bible in their hands, this is one of the ways to get them reading:

"In the Beginning was the Word; now the Word is on an app"

Although there are times when nothing will do but for me to have a traditional Bible in my hands, the one on my Kindle is terribly handy in certain situations!

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logicalrabbit said...

I still love my tattered torn and marked up old NIV (we've been thru a lot together!) but my app versions along with linked study aids are among the most important things in my phone! I literally use them all the time when something pops in my head. Of course I find with so much wisdom at our fingertips we, as a whole,seem to be becoming progressively more foolish (self included!)