Monday, October 28, 2013

A future king...

The future king of England, Prince George was baptized recently. 

In keeping with tradition he was brought to the altar to have the words spoken, the water poured and his name pronounced. These actions mean the child has been received into the Christian church, he has taken his place within the sacred tradition.

As far as the baptism goes, it matters not that he will one day sit upon the throne and actually be looked to as the head of the Anglican church. One doesn't have to be rich, famous or even successful to claim this heritage. The child needs only to be surrounded by family that knows the importance this act can / may have on his life. It can be a source of strength that is open and available for anyone. The act says that a child has been born and his/her parents choose to bring them up with faith traditions witnessed by friends and family who share the same values.

Every time this happens, it is awesomely significant. The child becomes part of a tradition spanning 2,000 years which makes them part of a whole, larger than themselves. No matter how cynical society has or will become, these great moments give our lifetime it's punctuation marks.

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