Tuesday, June 5, 2012


'We come to this Cathedral Church today to give thanks to almighty God for the prosperous reign of the Queen and to rejoice together in this year of Her Majesty's Jubilee as we celebrate 60 years of her sovereignty and service.As we come together as loyal subjects from all parts of the Realms and Commonwealth of Nations, we give thanks for the blessings bestowed by God on our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth, and we celebrate the identity and variety which our nations under her have enjoyed.' Very Revered David Ison

Although many would say she's had it made...all the money and jewels she could want, people to wait on her hand and foot since birth, luxurious homes and the adulation of an entire people, being Queen is not all we would imagine.

While she does have all those "things" at her disposal, what has been the cost? To live your entire life in the public eye, to always, always be accompanied by someone (and NEVER be able to walk around in public on your own), to have your behavior defined by a very strict code, to be the figurehead for millions, even when they don't appear to like you, to be chastised when you don't respond in the way the "people" think you should, to put "duty" above all else. I daresay most of us would chafe under what defines the public perception of Queen Elizabeth II, and yet, she has gracefully held this position since she was 25 years old.

Today is her celebration and deservedly so. It's been planned for ages, all parts set to go off without change...even though her husband of 65 years was hospitalized yesterday. Now while we all know he has the best medical care available, she cannot be at his side. She has a celebration to attend and besides, visiting the hospital would cause too much turmoil...remember she can't just "slip in".

I've had a fascination with English history my whole life (could be the English and Scotch-Irish blood that makes up most of my ancestry). Although she does not posses the power of most of her predecessors, she has fulfilled her duties with more grace and dignity than any other I've studied.

God save the Queen!

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