Thursday, June 28, 2012


We met in September and married in December;

34 years ago;

He is 10 years older and 1 foot taller than I;

We both had an Aunt Gladys (our favorites);

We both had an Aunt Edith;

One of his uncles first and middle name are same as my father's first and last name;

He was born in TN, I was born in NC, we met and married in SC;

He was moved in to manage the place I worked, 3 weeks before I was to leave and start school;

It may not have been love at first sight but it was certainly friendship at first date;

We can still sit and talk for hours at a time;

We have two children who are not perfect but we think they're pretty great;

Our grandson looks just like my husband at the same age;

We finish each others sentences and thoughts;

We quote movie lines and show tunes (not necessarily in that order);

We love books and have purchased enough to decorate our home;

We can be on different sides of an issue and be the better for it;

We can both read the same book without a war;

We have shared the birth of our children and various farm animals and think all are miraculous;

We are blessed to have found one another.

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