Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, we all have a negative side. It may be made up of anger, anxiety, complaining, criticizing, procrastinating, controlling or any number of other emotions. It is usually a cry for help. Perhaps they are cries from early childhood, rising from emotional wounds that never healed. We are told to get over them, rise above them, forgive and forget, concentrate on the positive...so much so that we thrust these unhealed wounds down below our conscious level.

But wounds do not just go away. If unhealed, they cry like abandoned children in the dark, forgotten places within us. The only way they can make their presence felt is through these negative attitudes and our addictive escapes. Seen in the light of day we recognize they are all symptoms of pain.

For our own well being, we must take time to bring our wounds to the surface, face the cause and rely on God for peace and healing. While it's easy to speak, this is not an easy or welcome task. It takes time, commitment and courage. But, by the simple act of laying it all at the feet of Christ we can be healed, restored and made whole. After all, He knows a little about pain Himself.

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