Sunday, September 9, 2012

Seeker of truth?

I love coming across an article that makes me stop and examine life.

Not surprisingly, everyone I meet has a slightly different take on hell. But even though opinions differ, most people have at least one thing in common: they’re absolutely convinced their position is correct.

And why shouldn’t they be? If they didn’t think their opinion was the best option, why would they hold it? But there’s a big difference between believing your views might have a leg up on the competition and being absolutely certain of it.

In the first case, you hold your views with an open hand, realizing that you may have to modify or even jettison some of your beliefs in light of new information. In the second case, rather than welcome new information, you see it as a threat. New ways of looking at things—even old ways of looking at things—are deemed wrong by definition. So are the individuals who suggest such perspectives. And if you’re not careful, you find yourself making that subtle transition from “seeker of truth” to “defender of an idea.”

This article approaches one of the most controversial aspects of the Christian faith...a Father who loves us unconditionally and yet condemns us to hell.

You may want to spend a few moments reading, watching and pondering... I have not seen the movie referenced (Hellbound?) nor do I really know much about the author (Kevin Miller) of the article. What I do know is nuggets of truth can be found in most places, if you look hard enough.

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