Friday, January 18, 2013

Body Image

As always happens, the "New Year" brings body image (and self image) issues to a head. After all, we seem to be constantly inundated with gym memberships, diet plans, and a hundred other ways to spend our money and make us "look" better. But according to whom? To those who love and cherish us, or to those whose pockets we are filling?

Why aren't we encouraged to focus on being healthy in our mind, body and spirit rather than to just be a size Zero? However are we supposed to compete with the cult of celebrity? Those who say that if you are larger than this, you're fat and not worthy...if you don't use these products, your hair, teeth, face, fingernails aren't perfect so you are not worthy...if you don't wear these clothes, shoes, sunglasses or drive this car or take these vacations you are not worthy. If you don't fit into the media stereotype then you deserve to be ridiculed because you are not worthy. Really? Am I supposed to judge myself against society's photo-shopped, surgically enhanced standards? Are we to believe that our outward appearance is the true measure by which we should be judged?

It is no wonder that studies show our children are suffering. How could they ever hope to compete? Even worse, why are we teaching them that they are supposed to compete on these levels? What about the hundreds and thousands and millions of beautiful minds and souls? Doesn't the Bible teach us that God looks at our hearts? If you feel then need to make a resolution for the New Year, why not choose one that really matters? Commit to love, nurture and encourage yourself and those around you to be as beautiful as you and they can be...from the inside.

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