Saturday, January 5, 2013

The night sky

Son's girlfriend has lived all her life in Charleston, SC. Now while we do have larger cities within the United States, compared to our little part of the world, Charleston is LARGE!

The first night she saw the stars while standing in our front yard she was amazed...without the ambient light of the city to distort the view, imagine the number of stars she saw! 

Even better, grandson received a "decent" (at least for a 9 year old) telescope from Santa this year. While we've only had a couple of cloudless nights since then, we've all spent time outside viewing the wonders of the universe. 

I ran across this picture today...

The series is called "Darkened Cities" (by Thierry Cohen) and shows what the night sky would look like from some of the famous cities of the world...if all the lights went out.

Now tell me you'd rather see fluorescent light... 

The Anchoress Online added this:
 Does the fact that we can no longer see the stars have anything to do with our loss of wonder? These things, the stars, and all creation – they are more splendid, perfect, beautiful and lasting than anything man can create or even conceive.

It seems like when we were more aware of milky ways and horizons, it was easier to believe. Could Joan of Arc have led her army, could she even have thought to, could she have trusted enough, without having a sense of something greater, bigger than herself? 

We have obliterated the stars with our artificial light – but perhaps we’ve blinded ourselves, too. Without the wonder, the greatness of the galaxies in our sight, we’ve lost the ability to believe in, or expect, miracles.

When you cannot see the glory of God’s creation, how can you wish to glorify the Lord? No longer seeing anything greater than ourselves, we turn inward, we worship our own thoughts, our invention, our desire.

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