Monday, November 25, 2013

Hand me down Thanks...

In this week of Thanksgiving, I found this excellent article. 

In light of Thanksgiving, I’m sure we’ve all learned numerous ways to be thankful, especially in this season that outwardly reminds us to be. As in, “Just in case you forgot to express gratitude the rest of the year, here’s a seasonal reminder to say, ‘Thank you!’”
In a lot of ways, we shy away from our natural desire to show our gratitude. Sure, it’s great to be thankful in our own minds, but have we forgotten how to reach out, say it aloud, or write a thank you card?

Yes, prayerful thanksgiving is important. But it’s not the only way to show our thanks. Gratitude isn’t private; it’s lived out loud.

You can read the rest here...

Like the author, I have been blessed with beautiful friends who share their clothing with me. It is a wonderful experience...not only do I receive some excellent new additions to my wardrobe, I am prompted to think of them each time I wear one of their pieces. I find great fun in responding to someone who has just complimented something I'm wearing by saying, "Thank you! It's a hand me down from a lovely friend"...

See, what an easy way to be Thankful!

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