Thursday, November 7, 2013


I know you'll be surprised to learn there was recently an article in the Washington Post Opinion Page titled
5 Myths about Jesus ...Like I said, Surprise!

A quick glance at the article shows that, once again, someone is trying to convince "believers" that they are being sold a "Bill of Goods" by the church. The sub-title of the article was "Challenging everything you think you know"...Oh NO! I suppose my point is that the author offers nothing new...nothing that hasn't been mentioned hundreds of times before, nothing that even we (who READ the Bible) haven't pondered and discussed. Myth's my foot!

His "myths" include...Jesus wasn't born in Bethlehem", there weren't 12 disciples, Christ did not go on trial before Pontius Pilate and He wasn't buried in a tomb. Truly issues that would shake the foundations of a Believer's faith! 

If we study God's Word, we recognize that Luke is the only one who mentions Bethlehem. If we look at our Nativity Scenes with Bible in hand, we know that we're combining more than one of the Gospel accounts what with Luke telling of the stable and the shepherds and Matthew bringing up the kings/wise men. The Gospels were written by different people, with differing backgrounds, speaking to different audiences, they are not a carbon copy of one another. It's viewpoint!

Pilate was an important person, we all know this whether we like him or not. And while it's true he probably wouldn't have bothered with a trial for someone known to be a Zealot...UNLESS, there was something about Jesus that made Him stand out. Many of us believe He did have that special something...

Bottom line, as much as articles like these are a waste of paper (in my humble opinion), and they will never shake my faith with there repetitions of what they believe doesn't add up...they are proof that Jesus still has the power to challenge, fascinate and engage us beyond anything they may be able to prove historically or scientifically. Not too shabby for a myth!

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