Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Head vs. Heart

There's an old saying that tells us "the longest journey we ever undertake is between the head and the heart". The path to our hearts, even though it is where Christ lives, is always cluttered and sometimes almost totally obscured. Like the seeds from the parable, weeds spring up way too easily and will take over, if we let them. The Apostle Paul reminds us...what our head says we want, our actions contradict; what our hearts long for, our head refuses to attend to. We are blessed in the fact that God knows all about weeds and is a loving and tender gardener.

Because God loves and dwells within us, nothing is closer than a place of quiet rest. His heart is waiting for our hearts to stop running, stop trying so hard, to stop focusing on externals and to let go. When your days are filled with noise and the juggling of tasks and demands, when you face the daily decisions and stresses, when you face times of sorrow and despair remember He is as close as your own heart.

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