Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Society has a name for mothers who have recently given birth and quickly resumed their former shape...they're called "Yummy Mummys" an effort to make us all want to be one. I mean really, who doesn't want to have an infant in arms while wearing a size 2...or less?

This is not a testament against women who have worked hard to get into shape and work even harder to stay that way. Of course it is a healthier way of life! But, unless one is doing it strictly for their own health and well being, it can be a double edged sword. There is a healthy weight (which can be different for each person) and what I'll call Celebrity weight (which might be even worse for you than being a little heavy).

I, for one, have a terrible time trying to loose weight unless I am able to focus most of my time and energy into it. At this point in my life, all my time and energy are already spoken for. I'm heavier than I'd like to be and have been berating myself about it for quite some time. That is, until I sat down and looked at the reasons why I wanted to be slimmer.

Sure, I would like to be healthier...but secretly, down deep inside, I think I have come to believe it will make my future brighter...everything will be easier and better if I loose clothes will fit better, people will admire me when I enter a room, I will be liked by everyone. "My how good she looks, she can't be a grandmother!" My, how ridiculous! Yes, even those of us on the downward slide from middle age can have fantasies.

If I did drop the extra pounds, my life won't change just because of that...actually, for me, there may even be a down side. I have been married to one man for 34 years and cannot imagine life with another. Even though it's just in my head...why would I want other men to follow after me? I have two grown children who are on their own and have the blessing of an 8 year old grandson in my home...what would he think if Nana lost her lap? Or the soft cushiony area where he likes to lay his head when I hold him. At what price am I willing to loose the peace I have in my home, with my family? God gives us peace ("peace on earth to those on whom His favor rests") and our bodies are His temple. And while, like I said earlier, being healthy is an admirable goal, loosing weight for the sake of my vanity will never be worth the peace in my heart.

I guess all those stars in Hollywood can quit worrying now... ; )

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