Saturday, April 13, 2013


...often leave us feeling drained and confused. And even though we may have no clue as to what prompted the other persons anger, it is extremely hard not to take such attacks personally. 

What we don't often stop to consider is that we may not have "done" or "said" anything to bring on the attack. It may simply be a way for that person redirect their feelings away from themselves. People who are overcome with emotions like hurt or anguish may well lash out at a means of protection (in their eyes) or simply to make themselves feel better. 

Whatever the reason behind the attack, it is difficult  to remain detached. There are some who are able to shield themselves and even feel compassion, but this is not the normal reaction. But, if we cannot hold ourselves in check we may respond in kind with anger and hurt of our own and create a vicious circle or a never ending battle.

Even though it's not easy or even fair to have to bear the brunt of another's anger or pain, we should do all we can to keep it from affecting our response. If we work to keep an open heart, instead of responding negatively we may well be able to help them let go of their defensiveness and yield to our compassion and openness. 

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