Friday, April 5, 2013

It works!

I hope, at some point, you've noticed the "Compassion" banner on the blog...
My family has sponsored a young lady in Haiti for 10 years through Compassion International and it has been a blessed experience to watch her grow and see how she has matured through the letters we receive. In addition to our correspondence, we are able (but not required) to send gifts for her birthday and Christmas. Compassion staff pick out gifts that mean something to her...and we have the knowledge that she knows there is another family in this world who love her.

One telling incident during our time as a sponsor: We received continuous email updates after the devastating earthquake in January, 2010 until "our" girl was located and they were able to give us the wonderful news that she and her family had escaped without injury. Compassion International lives up to their name.

But should you remain a little skeptical, here is some further proof in USA Today that sponsorship is worth it!

In case you're interested:
How to Sponsor a child
How your sponsorship helps
Compassion's financial integrity
FAQ's about sponsorship

I know times are tough but it's worth doing without one cup of coffee or a soft drink each day in the knowledge that "as you have done this for the least of these my children, you have done this for Me".

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