Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More gratitude

(This was written last fall but was lost in the shuffle, it still has something to say)

The people who built our house cut the driveway so it would make a "V". Since there was empty space in the middle, my husband's grandmother asked that a flower bed be made there. Bless her, this flower bed always had the worst dirt on the farm. We've spent years tilling and adding mulch and have gradually managed to make it a great place for flowers. Except, that it sees full sun...all day long. So even though the dirt is in great shape, because of the extreme exposure, we have been limited to marigolds and zinnias and such. 

I do love these flowers as they are colorful, require little tending, and make pretty arrangements. But this year, we wanted something different. So grandson and I planted only sunflowers. We chose different colors (from bright yellow to a beautiful rust) and different heights and the results were truly a testament to God's glory.

Not only were we able to enjoy the different sizes and colors throughout the summer, they also bloomed at different times. As a result of the seeds (and the hummingbird feeder at one end), we've also been blessed with a multitude of birds! I can't tell you how many times I have made my way (with dragging footsteps) to work early in the morning only to behold a newly opened flower or a beautiful bird. Stopping for just a moment to behold them in all their glory has lifted my spirits and changed my attitude more than once. 

The blooms are all sagging now under the weight of hundreds of seeds but even in this stage, they are a wonder to behold. I have no way of knowing how many birds (and now small animals since the seeds are falling to the ground) have benefited from our sunflowers (and hummingbird juice) but I am daily drawn to say a word of thanks to our Father for allowing me a little slice of His beauty!

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