Friday, April 26, 2013

Writing and balance

In the course of maintaining this blog, I wonder just how much to post...of my own writings that is...

I put an article in our congregational newsletter each week, so those who receive it know my thoughts on many subjects. Because some also read my postings here, I rarely post the same article in both places. But even then, I'm concerned that people may tire of reading what I write.

It's similar to the Youth Group...I love each and every one of them but between a weekly Youth Meeting on Sunday evening and a weekly Bible Study (during the school year) on Wednesday's...I feel they hear me enough. This is why I have tried to NOT teach their Sunday School class. But, things being what they are, I recently returned to the SS room on a weekly basis. Poor children!

Don't get me wrong, God is good and gives me words to say and lessons to teach...I do love what I do. But I truly feel they need to hear from other adults within our congregation. To spend time with, see a different point of view, to learn to laugh with and trust other people who have their interests at heart. But, as that is not to be at this time, I spend more time in prayer. That my words may be fresh, that we not get into some kind of rut, that I don't teach the same way ALL the time, that He will continue to give me the words they need to hear.

I say all this to explain why I link to articles from other writers. Not only so you won't tire of me but also because there are many wonderful writers and thinkers on the internet! Speaking of such, there's one I've been reading for a very long time...She posts under the title The Anchoress Online and a recent post called
"God in the Balance"  really got me to thinking (as she regularly does) about the balance in my own life:

I do not pray my offices anywhere near enough, or regularly enough. As I have said, I am a bad Benedictine. But I will testify that praying the Hours, even just one or two of them, makes a huge difference in the balance of a day; how I wear it, and how it wears me. Heightened senses are tempered, indeed. As with Rabia’s forehead, things become grounded.

Take a few moments and visit her blog if you get the chance, I think you'll find much of what she say to be profound! And if you feel the nudge to do so, lift up the thousands of  busy Youth Workers who wants so desperately to reach young people and show them God's love.

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